Asian Weddings

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Weddings are not just about the two individuals who are ready to take the vow as nowadays it is a major event which is celebrated publically and so people like to have a casual celebrations too which will be in the memories of t the people for a very long time. Different places have different cultures and so if one gets a chance to attend different sorts of weddings then one should not shy away from it. One of the most colorful weddings that one should attend is the Asian weddings where one will get to see lots of customs and traditions being followed. Let’s take a look at some of the most elaborate ones which have different rituals to go by.

According to the Japanese tradition purple is the color of love and at some point the bride wears purple, it might be either at the reception or at the wedding. Sometimes purple flowers are also used to decorate the venue. Thought he custom of white hood is not followed everywhere which is said to hide the behavioral horns of the wife, the nine sips of Saka is followed everywhere and even the relatives who attend too take sips. The traditional dress worn is the kimono and usually during traditions the bride leaves to change dresses three to four times. The arrangements are quite traditional and one will need a professional event management firm in case the ceremony is of large scale.

Chinese weddings are quite rich in color and décor which is truly traditional and requires expertise of the designers. Different parts of china have different wedding customs to follow. The wedding pair has to have their horoscopes matched with the Chinese calendar and only after that the wedding date and all the arrangements are made. One more common tradition seen is that the marital gifts are always given in red covers. Korean weddings too are similar to the Chinese ones and need the horoscope to be matched. Here the Peh Beck ceremony is important and here too the arrangements are quite colorful. Asian weddings are mostly traditional and totally different from the other cultures.