Industrial Revolution in One Word & Summary    Kailey Mgrdichian     5th  Fulk

The industrial revolution resulted in economic growth, pollution, and resource wasting. The cause of this turning point? Inventions. The invention of machines boosted the economy and international trades. Labor became cheap and the immigrant population grew.

A popular inventor by the name of Thomas Edison created many common, everyday items we use today. Edison’s inventions contributed largely to the industrial revolution, from the vote recorder in 1868 to the storage battery in 1900. They may be common today, but during the industrial revolution, these inventions were new and made a lot of money.

The reason the industrial revolution grew so large was the invention of machines. With machines, inventions could be mass produced and sold for lower prices than hand-made materials. Therefore the economy grew and the industrial revolution grew bigger and bigger. Inventions caused the industrial revolution.

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