The Wonders of Using a Website in Your Writing!

By Christian Chavez, Naomi Kerwood, Kylie Lamoree, Andrew Peterson

"I like using technology because all of my notes and junk are in one spot and I cannot lose them. This way I have everything in one spot, and I am more organized." -Kylie Lamoree

"This wonderful access to outside web resources helped me in my persuasive writing, and it will help me in my future career as an English teacher!" -Naomi Kerwood

"Online resources such as Weebly has helped this gap in my soul called poor English, and has taken my education beyond my imagination making my writing skill unmatched by my fellow pupils." -The Elusive Chapo

"I enjoyed creating the Weebly website and making telegami videos because I could fabricate it to my own needs, and it helped me when it came time to study for the NeSa and MAPs writing/reading test." -Andrew Peterson

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