Surveys and Infographics

In this unit, we will be using SurveyMonkey to design and conduct surveys about other Year 6 pupils. We will then use an Infographic design tool to present our findings as digital posters.

Your research must be based around the theme of 'Technology and Young People'.

Week 1 - Designing questions

With a partner, decide on a focus area within the theme of 'Technology and Young People'. Design between 6 and 10 questions to find out about your chosen topic and write them in Microsoft Word. Here are some examples:

Internet habits (favourite websites, how often people use the internet)


Technology in school

Creative use of technology (photography, video editing etc)


Online media (Spotify, Netflix, YouTube)

The future of technology

Types of Question:

1. Multiple choice (only one answer allowed or multiple answers allowed)

2. Open-ended (where people can write a comment of their choice)

3. Rating scales (e.g. Strongly agree, agree, slightly agree...)

4. Ranking scales (where people sort items into a specific order)