Emmett Till

Emmett Till was born on July 25, 1941 in Chicago, Illinois.He attended McGoshs all-black grammar school & was on the ¨A¨ honor roll. When he was just five ears old, he was dignosed with polio. He lived in an all-black neighborhood as well. Since his mom worked late, he also helped a lot around the house.

In the year of 1955, he went to Money, Mississippi. He was reported flirting with a white female cashier. The husband of the cashier was enraged. Four days later, he and his half brother, kidnapped and killed Emmett. His murder was a source of outrage for the U.S. Rosa Parks stated ¨When the man told me to move to the back of the bus, I thought of Emmett Till and i couldn't move back.¨ When I think of Emmett Till I think of him for his bravery because of his polio, I think of him as humorous because he always had a joke to tell, I think of him as popular because he had a bunch of friends. What is your opinion on Emmett Till?