Say No To Drugs!


Drug Misuse!

People all around the world misuse pain relievers, anxiety, and depression medicines for all the wrong things. They take it because they think it feels good , not for what the medication is actually for. Drug Misuse isn't cool, it isn't fun, but most importantly it isn't healthy!

Drug Abuse

People all around the world abuse drugs everyday, drugs can cause diseases, and all kinds of sicknesses. People have had their children took away from them for drug abuse. For Example, say you take prescriptions prescribed for someone else, you take them, crush them, and snort them. That's an example of drug abuse.


People that really want to stop doing drugs or any type of  substance they'll withdrawal. When you withdrawal you can have different side effects, it depends on what type of drug you are on because some drug produce little physical withdrawal, but more emotional withdrawal. You can have Emotional Withdrawal Symptoms, Physical Withdrawal Symptoms, Dangerous Withdrawal Symptoms,and Post-Acute Withdrawal. It's like a 50 50 chance that you with relapse.

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3 years ago

drugs are good everyone should do them