Exquisite Burkina Faso


This is the Burkina Faso flag. The flag was created on August 4, 1984.

Famous traditional Foods

Spiced lamb balls

Spiced Lamb Balls is a traditional Burkinabe recipe for a dish of fried lamb-based meatballs.


Rice is a big traditional food in Burkina Faso


Christan Holiday

New Years in Burkina Faso is celebrated with big parties spent with friends and family. Despite creed, tribe, or background, everyone comes together to bring in the New Years. It’s the biggest celebration of the year in many places.


Burkina Faso

Ouagadougou is the most popular city in Burkina Faso. It is a private school in Burkina Faso.


War in Burkina Faso

French conquered the land in the 19th century.


Burkina Faso scho

There are over 60 different languages. ( only 15 to 20% is spoken )

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