Women Protecting Themselves?

     I chose this topic, because I believe this is a very powerful topic that everyone needs to consider.  Each article shows how women do not feel safe going out and they feel the need to protect themselves.  I believe that this is not discussed as much as it should be.  And furthermore, they only time that it is discussed is after it happens which is not help to anyone.  The only thing that I would change about all three of these articles, is to add in how men are affected as well.

A- Rossalyn Warren is the author and Taylor Yocom is the photographer.  She is more focused on the symbolism of each of the things they carry.

P- The article was written May 6th, 2015, a day after the last article listed here. The author probably read the other article and wanted to change it to how she felt.

P- I recognize that there are not pictures of men in these articles.  I think if the photographer went to men as well that the message would be more powerful, because they are affected as well.

A- To women around the world, and it affects the reliability because they also don't show the men can be sexual assaulted as well.

R- I believe this article was written in response to the last one, because the author felt that the message was so powerful that she felt the need to put it out there herself and spread the word.

T- "To expose the problem and change the culture."

S-  This source is important for the same reasons as the last one, but it differs because she uses a lot more photos of women from different cultures while the other one does not.

A- The author is NEWS STAFF,

P- March, 27th 2015.  This affects the meaning of the source because it was written after major assaults and more people were looking for the story.

P- They should have included some statistics of how women and men feel towards this problem and how many advice carrying a weapon or not.

A- Women in public is the audience, and this affects the reliability of the source because again they do not include men.

R- It was created at this time, because in Vancouver there was two major sexual assaults in less than 12 hours.

T- They are trying to get women to not carry weapons because they feel that they are not capable of using them properly and they should just be smarter when they go out.

S- This source is important because it goes against the other two, because instead of promoting carrying weapons they discourage it.

A- Margaret Eby is the author. Taylor Yocom is the Photographer. The point of view is looking inside college women's minds on their feeling towards sexual assault.

P- May 5th 2015 the article was written, and the pictures were taken at the University of Iowa. This affects the meaning of the source because it gives a stronger view, due to the increase in assaults in the past several months.

P- It would help to have more than just college women, and women from different social classes. All the pictures seem to be around the same social class and that can harm the article.

A- College Women, and it affects the reliability because the photographer doesn't go away from campus to ask other women how they feel about sexual assault.

R- There was a string of sexual assaults on campus at the time in 2014 and Vocom had to do a project for her photographing class.

T- Sexual assaults are real problems for individuals and are not just a number.

S- This source gives an inside view to how women feel unsafe just by walking around and they feel the need to carry some sort of weapon with them.

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