Inferences from The Golden Goose by Jacob and Wilhelm Grimm
by Qua Wiggins

But when he began to cut down the tree, he missed his stroke and cut his arm with the ax, so that he had to go home and bound it up.

1. INFER : He was cutting a tree and made an mistake and cut himself, so he went home and rapped it up in a band.

So you better not try, you don't know anything about woodcutting.

2. INFER : His Father is telling him not to try woodcutting because he does not know anything about cutting wood.

The second son too said, sensibly enough , anything i give you i want have for myself.

3. INFER : He is telling the old man, NO ! because if he give him his bread and wind he want have anything for himself.

Curious about this wonderful bird and longed to have one of its Golden feathers.

4. INFER : He is curious about the bird because to him it is wonderful.

Im sure ill find some chance to pluck the feather from the bird, thought the Eldest.

5. INFER : He wishes he has time to pluck the feathers off the bird.

Cut it down and you will find something among its roots

6. INFER : He is telling him if he cut down the tree he will find something in its roots.

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