Astrology Resources

Anyone who knows me knows that I love astrology. I've studied it for years, and love what it can tell me not only about myself, but about those around me. Because people are always asking me what astrology means or want to learn more about their sun sign, I compiled some of my favorite astrology resources below. These astrologers and sites are my go-to for everything star-related, and for my astrological readings.  

But before you dive in...

Understand more about what astrology is in general. My definition: the study of universal energies that affect our daily lives. I like to think of astrology as a 'tool in my tool belt' just like exercise, meditation, yoga, etc. One of the best parts of astrology is being able to use upcoming energies to your advantage by making smarter decisions in your daily life. Here are some generic insights you should know:

  1. You know your sun sign, but your full "cosmic DNA" is made up of three signs: sun, moon and rising. You can find out what yours are by pulling your birth chart.
  2. I get an astrological reading done each year to focus on energies (good and not so good) for the upcoming year. I suggest getting at least one reading.
  3. Learning astrology is like learning a new language. You'll need to memorize definitions and characteristics of all signs, planets and houses to fully grasp it.
  4. While some signs are more compatible than others, any sign combination can work with awareness. In general, fire + air signs go well together and earth + water signs go well together.

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Insightful Astrology

  • Maria DeSimone is one of my favorite astrologers. She teaches classes (my first astrology 101 class!) so if you're interested in learning more, check out her site for details.
  • She writes for and does personal consultations
  • Use her free birth chart tool to pull your own birth chart, and sign up for her weekly videos

Nadiya Shah

  • Nadiya creates really great, in-depth monthly videos for each sign
  • Follow her YouTube channel for frequently posted astrology videos

Barbara Goldsmith

  • Barbara is a breath of fresh air, full of energy and insightful astrology videos
  • She offers a variety of services on her site, including a free newsletter


  • Barry does weekly horoscopes that are so dead-on it's scary. He reads differently from other astrologers I've worked with, which I love.
  • Sign up for his newsletter and get horoscopes plus other articles sent to your inbox.

Cafe Astrology

  • My go-to for astrology basics like signs/planets/houses
  • Offers compatibility reports, numerology insights and more

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