Battle of brown's mill

The battle of browns mill occurred on July 30,1864.  this event took place in Coweta County Georgia.  It was during the Atlanta Campaign of the American Civil War.  The result of the battle was that the Confederate was victorious.The commanders\leaders were, on the Confederate side Joseph Wheeler.  On the union side was Edward M. McCook.  Joseph Wheeler had an army from Tennessee ,and Edward M McCook Had a army from Cumberland  



During the Atlanta Campaign, General William T. Sherman ordered two columns of federal cavalry on a series of raids south of Atlanta in attempt to cut off supply and communication lines.  Major Genaral George Stoneman led his army of Ohio to the southeast, while Brig. General Edward M. McCook's First Division of the army of the Cumberland was to sever railroads southwest of the city.  He was to link with Soneman and seize the Andersonville prison camp and free the 32,000 prisoners held there.

McCook's cavalrymen reached Palmetto, Georgia , where they shut down Atlanta and West Point railroad. They burned over 1,000 Confederate supply wagons at Fayetteville on July 28. General McCook also gained a reputation for encouraging the destruction of civilian property. The next morning, his raiders reached Lovejoy's Station and began wrecking the Macon and Western Railroad. However, McCook called off the raid and turned back across the river when Stoneman failed to appear as planned.

the battle

McCook’s division was attacked near Brown's Mill, three miles south of Newnan,Georgia  by Confederate army under Joseph Wheeler.  McCook was going to surrender, but he divided into separate parts.  While doing this he lost 1,285 men,1200 horses, several ambulances,and two pieces of spiked artillery, as well as 100 killed and wounded.  Wheeler took 300 men as prisoner that McCook took earlier . Wheeler lost 50 men.  General Stoneman also got  captured by McCook.  Becoming the highest ranking Union officer to be a prisoner of war during the Civil War.  McCook won the war with several dead.