How does one create memorable characters?

Think of a great character from a movie or a book?  Why are they memorable?  Why did they leave a lasting effect on you?…Discuss

Use the FEAR chart to keep track of characterization in the above scene.  Post it to discussion….


Learning Goals:  To increase descriptive and imaginative abilities through analysis of Character development

Option 1-Traditional Character Sketch of one major character

  • written in third person, essay style
  • organized hierarchically (information is categorized: physical description, isolate a variety  of characterics and offer proof)

Option 2-Social Media Profile

Your job is to choose a character and get into their heads by creating a Twitter persona and tweet according to that personality.  Use twitter to its full potential-add visual clips (instagram/vine)  to provide more characterization.    Give at least two examples of direct characterization (i.e. self characterization) and three indirect characterizations….

  • choose a substantial segment of your book
  • tweet the events by taking on the personality of the character
  • make sure you think about the wide variety of ways you or your friends use social media and then think about Zack's personality…how would his methods differ?  How would they be similar?
  • This might look like a) a series of exchanges with Jen b) a bunch of random thoughts or links to articles that have to do with his research c) the possibilities are endless