the gardener by:s.r. bodeen

ryan gigante

my prediction is poeple will die

is the father the garlener yes

why does his mom keep sevets yes becuas eshe does not what him to know

EVOLUTION - development


heterotroph - reaunremens from compler

photosynthesis- generates oxygen

karner blue is a butterful in ohio and ladiana was fisrt descuihad more tham a century ogo.

the dad has a karner blue butterlful.

melby falls is a city or town.

Tristan is a science lab.

Portland a city in Ogente.

Bad because if can his you it you go something same were.

Climate change can came and go is it Cade be be bad or good.

Food crisis is the food is gone as people's can not eat because people are mint the foodie the people need it.

Climate change is what it gets hot or cold but I think it's hot it gets really really really really hot and whenever he gets cold it gets pretty pretty cold like -45° maybe sometimes they like 100°.

Food crisis is what the people have an food to eat so they are hungry and homeless people have no food to do that is what food crisis is.

Prince EE.A.said because the people have no trees and the trees that were there with me for money and there's no trees for the animals so the people in the future generation they will not have known trees so they won't have no trees for the animals so if there's no animals there's no food for the people in the future aeration so he saying sorry because he sorry that some people are going to die because of the pollution that's not fair to clean out some of the some of the some of the diseases in his palm so he saying sorry for the future generation that's going to die.

In dear future rations sorry and the gardener the authors bowls talk about the food clothes and stuff like that so sorry they have no trees for the economy in the Gardner theyhave tree don't have any money so I think they should drop down a few trees so lame how money clothes food shelter and that can of stuff .

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