Trimlite - Australia's Premier Aluminium Fencing and Balustrading Specialist

Trimlite are designers, manufacturers and suppliers of the finest aluminium balustrades, glass railings, railings, louvers, fencing, screens, gates, and all kinds of seating tables.

Trimlite products are made from first grade aluminium that requires virtually no maintenance and comes in an attractive finish. Trimlite uses highly durable materials and finishes so their products do not rot, rust, warp, crack or shrink and will never need painting.

Trimlite is the industrial leader in high quality, low maintenance, ready-to-use aluminium products including:

1. Trimglass - Glass balustrades, railings and fencing for decks, balconies, pools, ramps and walkways.

2. Trimlouvre - Fixed, sliding and adjustable louvers for window awnings, Sliding Screens, sunhoods, privacy screens, sunscreens, fencing or Balcony Railings.

3. Trimslat - Fencing, privacy screens, gates, sunhoods, window awnings.

4. Trimrail - Railings and balustrades for decks, balconies, pools, ramps and walkways.

5. Trimwood - For a stunning timber look without the maintenance.

6. Trimfence - Fencing and gates for pools, gardens and boundaries.

7. Trimlite seating - Bench seats, stackable seating and picnic table settings.

Trimglass – A stunning and exclusive glass railing and fencing system that is suitable for anything from balconies to decks and pools to walkways and ramps. Aluminium sections are kept at a minimum which in turn maximises the view on offer. Trimglass does not use a bottom rail –this away the foot hold for kids and also reduces cleaning grime build up.

All Trimglass fencing and balustrades now have a load bearing “Eclipse” handrail that sits only 37mm in height. Trimglass can be side fixed, top fixed or core drilled and can be produced to suit any height you desire.

Trimrail – Is a unique modular balustrade system that offers unique flexibility and adjustment making it the easiest balustrade system for installation. Trimlite offers its customers a range of designs to suit every possible application.

Trimlite takes safety very seriously which is why they have developed the Trimrail and Trimglass system that can be installed in stages and uses as a temporary handrail during the construction process.

Trimslat – An exciting product from Trimlite offering slats and decorative screening products that create a stunning modern appearance with the convenience of very low maintenance. Trimslates can be used vertically or horizontally in a variety of applications including fencing, gating, privacy screens, sunscreens, sunhoods, decorative panels, pool fencing and balustrades.

Trimlouvre - Trimlite’s new Trimlouvre system incorporates a modern fixed-adjustable aluminium louvres system that sports a unique aerofoil design that provides flexibility and strength rarely seen in Front Garden Fences.

The advantages of the new Trimlouvre system include interlocking blades slotted through machined heavy duty framing that reduces the reliance on screw, rivets or welds; maintenance free and extruded aluminium for that extra longevity.

Five Star Diamond Customer Service Award

Trimlite’s own customers have rated Trimlite to be in the Top 5 companies in Australia for outstanding customer service.

So make your purchase of Trimlite high quality Aluminium Railings with complete confidence. We pride ourselves on giving you the best product, on time and budget and guarantee all our work so you or your clients can enjoy the best quality, most durable and attractive aluminium products such as Aluminium Glass Railing, Aluminium Sliding Screens, Aluminium louvres etc on the market.

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