Rehtaeh Parsons

A canadian who struggled.

Rehtaeh Parsons was a normal 17 year old girl who lived in Nova Scotia, Canada. She had been depressed for over a year and a half because of the event that happened in 2011. She was gang raped by 4 boys. She had attempted suicide on April 4th 2013, when her mom found her in the bathroom hanging. Her mom sent her to the hospital which she was in coma for 4 days until on April 7th her mom decided to take her off of life support and end her life completely.

No one in the world should feel the way she did. To have been raped, and photographed during the event is disgusting. The depression she had gone through was too much for her and no one could help. She didn't deserve to be in the situation she was in and she didn't need to take her life, but thoughts got the best of her and she knew it was time.

The night Rehtaeh Parsons was raped, she had been at a party. She had went with a friend to a home in which she was reportedly got raped by 4 teenage boys. During the event, a boy was doing nasty things with her and told another suspect to take a picture. Within 3 days the photo had gone viral, tables turned and people started to call her names and send her text messages.

Why would someone treat an innocent girl like this?

There are some sick people in this world. People don't have the respect everyone needs. To push this beautiful 17 year old girl to the edge is horrible, and for her to take her life because of the negative comments and the tables getting turned is honestly disgusting. It's not just the event that ruined her thoughts but it was the bullying she received by the people that had gotten the photo sent to them. The comments, the torture, having her friends turn against her was all leading to her suicide. Although her friends might not have known the whole story, they should have stayed by her side through her rough time even if people we criticizing her and pushing her to her limits.

People need to grow up and act as if they are in the her shoes. How would they like it? The truth is, they wouldn't!! The only way to help the problem of teens depression and their negative thoughts is if everyone respects them as a person, and doesn't criticize or bully them for their past.

R.I.P Rehtaeh Parsons, you will always be remembered.

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