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Mall Attack in Kenya

People have been held hostage by a group of terrorists in a mall at Nairobi Kenya.For the third day. Bombs and gunshots have been heard coming from inside the mall. More than ten suspects have been arrested, but eleven Kenyan Soldiers have been hurt. The terrorists are a group from Somalia (a country near Kenya) an Al-Qaida linked group. Most hostages have been realsed, but still 30 remained trapped. Everyone is doing their hardest to save these poor people.

U.S. News

cheer up grumpy cat

Have you heard of internet sensation Grumpy cat. Tarder sauce a female cat, is famous for her endless frown on her face. Grumpy Cat even has her own facebook page, which has more than 1.3 million likes. Tarder Sauce or Grumpy Cat also has more than 111,000 Twitter folowers. And get this she's going to be the new spokescat for friskies. Don't stop reading because there's more, She might be starring in her own major motion picture. that's right this cat is a star.

Colorado Flood

Colorado has been hit by one of it's biggest floods.Some people are being forced out of their houses because of the water while some are trapped in. Zip lines helicopters anything that will save these people. But it's not only the humans, firefighters have been risking their lives to save family pets too. More than 800 pets were saved with their owners.Sadly livestock and cattle had to be left behind. One couple refused to leave with out their 2 Golden Retrievers. If you have ever had a pet then you must know the emotional bond that we share with are pets.

Our Local News

with the weather

Thursday:sunny 79-80

Friday:average temperatures 82-85

Saturday:sunshine 82-83

Sunday:partly cloudy 81

Monday:more sun 81-82

9/11 memorial

Beams have been taken from New York's Twin Towers. Which collapsed on September 11th a sad day for everyone. But, these beams were used to make a 9/11 memorial, downtown so everyone can pay there respects to all of our loved ones.

Napa pipe

There' a big project being worked on in Napa. I'm sure you probably have seen the big grape crusher a-top the big hill by highway 29. well it turns out that, behind the crusher they're thinking about building a costco. That's not it though restaurants shops even a hotel and reserved school site all behind the big grape crusher by highway 29. Do you say yes to Napa pipe or no?


vintage high wins

Vintage High School wins Soccer game Monday nigh 4-0, against Napa High.Everyone on the team played hard. At Memorial Stadium, and now they're going for the championship.

School News

Fundraiser sales have been through the roof. And since we didn't reach our goal the first time you had an extra week to sell, sell, sell.Today today, today is when they're due September 26. So at milkbreak or lunch hustle down to K-Hall, and turn in your magazine and cookie dough orders.



I think seventh graders should read more, and the library should be open more. Maybe it's just me but i think they've been closed 2 or 3 times this week. I guess that's all i wanted to say thanks for reading my news paper. :)


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