High Tech Designs & Unfailing Accuracy Of Casio Protrek watches

Rapid advancements marks the Pro Trek; it’s a radical watch borne out of a radical concept and always on a pursuit to do better. An attempt by Casio Computers to bring the feel of the field no matter where you are, Casio Protrek was designed to cater both the sides of extremity; its sometimes lifesaving functions and features come equally handy in daily urban life and adds a great deal of fun.

All that becomes possible due to the advanced measurement functions of the Protrek with all that miniaturised sensors and similar technologies. So, to know the weather you don’t need to rely on the Internet or on your TV or even your smartphone; flick your wrist and there you have your Pro-Trek telling you all that. It monitors constant changes in atmospheric/environmental conditions with similar accuracy, if not better. That’s an essential part of any outdoor tool; it lets you decide more than whether you should take an umbrella or your scarf.

The wonder about PRO-TREK is it is a constantly evolving timepiece. Every new incarnation brings something more to help you explore newer fields. Just like its Triple Sensor Ver. 3 models; its more accurate measurements takes its practical utility several notches above the rest.

The miniaturisation of the sensors created room for more components to fill in, so now you get more number of motors (four; formerly two) providing individualized control of functions; quick-mode switching and simultaneous functioning. All these helped the Pro-Trek to evolve into a slimmer device with a higher-performance profile, citing all that’s necessary under the open sky. It lets you know the altitude (in 1m increments), the atmospheric pressure (260 to 1, 100 hPa/mb / 7.65 to 32.45 inHg; allows hPa to inHg conversions) and the temperature on one hand while directions (60-seconds of continuous measurement) on the other. If it detects sudden changes in atmospheric pressure, the alarm goes off. In short, new Citizen Eco-Drive help you to prepare in advance and that counts in matters of life and death.

Pro-Trek is intelligent! It understands that analog hands often overlap digital readings (on the dot matrix LCD display); to prevent it, comes the hand-concealment function. It retracts the watch’s hands for the time being, providing maximum exposure. The radio-control feature automatically takes them back where they had been formerly after your job is done.

The Citizen promaster titanium watch power source is a solar panel instead of conventional batteries; it converts light into electricity and stores it in capacitors. The new solar panels got improved efficiency, which gives more scopes to the design possibilities. The sensors are now guzzling 90% less power, so you can stay rest assured the Pro-Trek to take a long, long time to run out of charge.