The victory of the justice on the revenge

The last scene of the film is the duel between Hamlet and Laertes, Ophelia's brother, who wants to kill the prince beacuse he had murdered his father, Polonius. The extremity of Laertes' sword is poisoned, as the drink that ingests Gertrude.

The ghost had asked Hamlet to kill Claudius, so to avange him: this is in constrast with catholic religion, which requires to leave the punishment to God.  Hamlet takes the whole film to do what his father had told him and finally Claudius id murdered by his own poison, which he had prepared for Hamlet, and by the prince's sword. Afterward, the revenge becomes public justice.

The duel is one of the most faithful scenes to Shakespeare's tragedy and, compared with the other sequences, is the most exciting (in addition to the dialog between Hamlet and Gertrude in her room).