How to fit in with my reality life...

Cyanne Perry-Rolen

1) You have to wake up at 7:00 am and get ready for school. Use the bathroom, brush teeth, clean your ears, do your hair (if you have it), and put your clothes on.

2) Take your brothers and cousin to school on time, and also be at school on time yourself.

3) Make it through all your classes that day without losing your mind.

4) After school, go home for 30 minutes and eat lunch.

5) Be at work by 2:45 at The Ennis State Motor Bank.

6) Make it through work until 6-6:30

7) After work, workout at the Lonestar gym or do Zumba

8) Eat a light snack

9) Take a shower and get ready for bed to repeat the same routine for the next day.

10) Good luck and have fun...

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