Mobile Learning Apps

5 Mobile Apps that can be used for learning in the classroom

Journal Jar:

Journal Jar is a simple app that allows users to press a button to “shake” the jar. After each “shake” the “jar” provides a new writing prompt for the user. The writing prompts are age appropriate for the classroom setting.

I could easily see using this Journal Jar when doing writing exercises in the classroom. It would be excellent for English Language Arts and journal keeping. At the beginning of every other ELA class there would be 10 minutes allotted for journal entries, where the students would either each have their own application of Journal Jar, or one would be on the projector and they would use the prompt as their journal entry topic.

Bunsella Bedtimes Story

Bunsella Bedtimes Story is a children’s story creator app. It allows the user to input text, photo and voice in order to craft their very own “bedtimes” story.

This is another useful app in grade 3-6 English Language Arts class. It would be a great project for students to practice their writing skills in a creative fashion. The app’s description says it is for parents to write stories to share to their children, however higher grade levels could definitely share these stories with the lower grade levels and therefore help students develop their sense of community citizenship.

Shmuppet - “The Virtual Puppet Application”

Shmuppet is an app that allow users to create short “puppet” shows on the topic of their choice, utilizing pre-designed puppet characters on the app.

This would be a great elementary level app to have students utilize for a variety of subject areas. The students could be given the assignment to research one area of a classroom topic and create a short puppet show on their findings. Students would all submit their work to the teacher and the teacher would compile them all together for lecture, and then play all the short puppet shows together to make the subject matter more interesting for the class.

Choose Your Path (Free)

This app is similar to the choose your own ending books. There are predetermined stories on the app but 50 different endings and users get to decide what their character does within the story.

Again this app is great for the English Language Arts. It would be a great tool to have kids use for reading time either in class or at home. If they have to meet a weekly reading quota (such an having read 1hr outside of class during the week) this could be provided as one of their reading options.

Comic and Meme Creator

The Comic and Meme Creator app is pretty straight forward. As the title suggests, users can create their very own comics and memes. There are already images and characters inputted into the program so it is user friendly.

I could see using this app across a broad range of subjects in grades 3-6 classrooms. A project could be assigned where students must demonstrate their understanding of a specific topic in a comic created with this app. It could be used to demonstrate understanding of Social Studies concepts (they could create a comic simplifying historic events) and even Science concepts (how would they explain “velocity” to a friend? Or how rain is produced?).

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