Football, passion and national colors

Rumbo al MundialSi were familiar with the menus FIFA 14 you will feel like a fish in water with those of the new EA Sports , and they are a reformulation of those but with all the terms and succulent additives brings the Cup FIFA World Cup Brazil 2014  FIFA 14 Xbox One Coins playable when a title changes proposed in this case are so subtle compared to its predecessor, it goes without saying that your purchase is recommended only to those who own one if they are particularly interested in special arrangements proposed in this new episode.

The main focus of interest in their off -line side , how could it be otherwise , it is he who baptizes the game and answers to the name of the FIFA World Cup . Here we choose a national team of 32 participants , and we face the challenge of winning the World Cup group stage dodging and classic and exciting playoffs to a single party. As often happens in these cases we can use the actual layout of tables and selections of the tournament to be held in Brazil and , of course , is already drawn , or otherwise alter it to our liking to be part of it the players who want.

Football, passion and national colors

The World Cup in Brazil will only leave a winner, but you can change the story as many times as you want. Electronic Arts returns to prove he is one of the queens of licenses with a new FIFA dedicated to the greatest show on the planet . Some tweaks here and there are the main attraction . But is it worth it? Find out with us.

Every major international football event requires its own video game, and they have demonstrated ├║ltimasEurocopas and World football that have had their releases in the form of interactive virtual entertainment. This year the policy has changed , and is such that while in 2012 we saw an interesting downloadable added at a reduced cost to FIFA 12 dedicated to the European Championship in Poland and Ukraine , this time is committed to return to the model of World Cup FIFA South Africa 2010 to be sold as a separate item and full price.

Some fans have already publicly expressed their disagreement with this change in marketing the program, however there is little to object if if the news are succulent and generous Playable jump occurs . The title in question, however, is more conservative in this regard, and although it has served effectively as a football on a good show , the truth is that you have missed a boost when it comes to innovation and leap forward regarding what the series has been getting used in the past to fully recommended purchase.

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