By: Diego Acuna, Christopher Lee. Preston Skelding, Ben Knaupe

The salaries of accountants vary tremendously, all the way from $30,000 all the way up to 100's of thousands, it can easily provide a good life for middle class family.

Food accountants can work for many different companies, like Whole Foods, or Central Market managing the company's money helping it easier for them to get more natural and organic food so you can have a better health, that way you can have an influence on many people not just one. That way you know you are doing better things for our health not just  what you are doing, one family and it helps you be more interested in what you are doing unlike the guy above.

This is an excel which helps us see how math is a big part in an accountant's everyday life, but accountants aren't all that boring. There is way more to this complicated job, there are plenty of benefits. One of the benefits is the pay, if you work really well you might even earn enough money to buy this...

Sweet huh? Wait 'till you see this...

Who knows you might even be the next George Washington!!!!!!!

Hey Ben, what does an accountant say when you ask for the timejQuery21008702259263955057_1400941581439

I dont know, what??

It is 11 o'clock with 12 seconds, wait no 13 seconds, wait no 14 seconds, wait...

The advancements in computer and calculator technology are making this job faster, easier, and WAY WAY WAY more efficient!!!

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