Meet the Staff

                               Available to assist you B-Block, C-Block, and F-Block

Zachary Grimshaw

Zachary Grimshaw, a Senior at the Regional has a passion for technology. He grew up learning computer skills from his dad and even ran his own freelance IT business for over a year during his first two years of high school. Zachary, the founder of the HW Tech Help Desk, is knowledgeable, has experience troubleshooting, servicing, and analyzing most any piece of technology.

Julia Fibbe

Julia Fibbe, a senior at the Regional is a valuable addition to the HW Tech Help Desk. For several years, Julia has used an iPad in her classes and can help other students and teachers navigate and efficiently use their iPad. In addition, she contributes to the HW Tech Help Desk weekly blog and works with students at Miles River and the Elementary Schools to assist students with the use of technology in the classroom and beyond. She is an outgoing and welcoming face at the HW Tech Help Desk and is eager to learn new things and to help others.

Amber Stoey

Amber Stoey, a junior at the Regional, is excited to come back to the Help Desk. Since the 8th grade, she has worked with the technology department, helping students and teachers solve a variety of technological problems. Amber enjoys technology because it can make peoples lives a little bit easier. With the addition of new technology in the district, Amber would like learn more and provide assistance to the students and teachers of the Regional and Miles River Middle School.

John Lee

Student John Lee is a Freshman at Hamilton Wenham Regional High School. As a technology enthusiast and a devoted scholar, John is excited to begin his journey with the Emerging Technology program. He is hoping to incorporate his own knowledge of technology into the learning environment of the school to help create an efficient system in each and every classroom. He looks forward to working with the teachers and students of Hamilton-Wenham to make our school the best it can be.

Austin Manning

A student for years now, Austin has always tinkered in and around technology and has always had a place for it in his heart. After entering the High School, Austin wanted to do something more with technology. The HW Tech Help Desk, offered a solution. He could use and develop his skills with technology and help others (students, teachers) in the process. He looks forward to working with you at the HW Tech Help Desk.

Matt Wieman

Matt Wieman is technology enthusiast who is ecstatic to learn new things about computer science. He is efficient with both mac and windows operating systems, but he prefers to use windows 7. From a very young age Matt has spent a lot of time using computers and technology. In eighth grade he took a two week Java programing course at Merrimack college. Overall, he believes that the key our future is getting new generations proficient with technology.

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