Hitler! The Chancellor of Germany!

January 30,1933

Abby Manchester

This morning Adolf Hitler has been elected official chancellor of Germany! Elected by President Paul Von Hindenburg, the effort was made to keep the Nazi policy "in check." Hitler plans to combine the roles of chancellor and president to make a new power: F├╝hrer, to make a supreme leader of Germany. "Elected because of his loyalty to the country and his willingness for the job, Hitler was the man." said by President Hindenburg. He was just sworn in today to be a righteous leader and lead us to victory in this war! Heil Hitler!


Don't Buy From Jews

Many Jewish people own stores around town. I feel that these people should not be able to. These people are rude and are taking away opportunities for German shop owners to make money. To stop these people from doing us wrong, I propose we stop buying products from Jews and start buying all of our products from German stores. We all must work together to boycott Jewish stores and together we can wipe out the Jews from thier business and make room for us in the industry.

Boy talks about his Jewish Friend Being Killed

A boy talks about his best friend who has recently been killed by Nazi Party associate.

I: "How do you feel about Friedrich being killed just because of his religious releifs?"

B: "I feel that it is extremely unfair. He was just as much of a person as anyone else is."

I: "How hard was it to watch Friedrich go through such racism?"

B: "It was really hard. Friedrich didn't even do anything wrong. Watching him be accused for things that he didn't do was hard."

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