Artistic Pallet

Athab is an individual with a very refined pallet, especially when it comes to art. She is a passionate person, a creative soul who needs an emotional outlet for her pent up angst. It is for this reason that she has become an avid appreciator of art in many forms. Some of these art forms include dance, music, photography, and theatre. Athab herself was once a thespian, being involved in her high school's very own drama department. There she would star in multiple plays and musicals, joining her love of acting with her love of music and dance.

Athab333 has even been a competitive dancer for over fifteen years, doing many forms of dancing, but being most passionate and intimate with ballet dancing in particular. She says that dancing is art in motion, it is dynamic and ever changing, which is part of what makes it so exciting. Sarah says that not only is dancing physically demanding, but also mentally rigorous, as often there are many steps that must be memorized and timed correctly.

Athab333 says that expression of emotion is a pivotal part of being a healthy and well functioning human being, and that art is not just a luxury of life, but a necessity of existence. She says the most beautiful aspect of art is that it can take any form. What is junk to one person, can be a canvas for another, a fact she finds amazing. An example of this phenomenon is that she herself loves interior decorating, and can often see the potential beauty where others only see a run down room or storage shed. Athab says that everything has the potential to be beautiful, so long as it is treated with the love and care it deserves.

A Budding Career

Athab says that the news room is a world all its own, one with twists and turns, personalities big and small, and goals to meet. She says what she got most out of her experience with her newspaper was a perspective and idea of just how much work it takes to maintain a facility, no matter how big or small. She says that her time with the school newspaper not only taught her how to write, but the importance of teamwork and companionship. Being only 27 years old, many would not expect Athab to not only be a registered and practicing nurse, but also a beauty pageant winner, competitive dancer, and even a journalist and photographer. Athab looks back at those days fondly, saying that being a sleuth was certainly an exciting career path, and being on a team committed to telling the truth to the public all seemed very glamorous and rewarding. She says that her time with her high school newspaper was an experience that she will never forget, and was key to her development and growth as a person.

Athab333 is a girl who has had quite an interesting and unique career path, taking on a number of roles in her relatively short life. She says that she only hopes that her daughter and sons to follow will get involved in something similar to a school newspaper, as the activity not only looked good on a college application, but also was a rewarding experience that helped her develop personally and professionally. She says that working for a newspaper was a great way for her to get a taste of the real world, and gave her a sense of what was going on in the community around her.

Well Cultured

Athab says that the best part about traveling is experiencing the many different cultures and ideologies that the world's people have to offer. She says that though each culture is unique, that they all do share some similar qualities that speak to mankind's nature as a whole. Even weather seems to have a profound effect on the culture of an area, being the difference between fear and understanding of a phenomenon. She says that this is interesting to her, that no matter how isolated a culture is to another, no matter how primitive, all of them look to the stars and wonder. She says these celebrations often coincide with things like food harvest or migrations of animals, showing that hunting and gathering still influence man today. For one, every culture, no matter where it is in the world, has events that celebrate certain times of the year, based on astrological movement. Athab says that each culture is unique and fascinating in itself, and has a rich and remarkable history that has been a pleasure for her to study. Athab is a woman who has traveled across the world, being witness to some of the greatest sights man can behold on this planet.

Athab333 says that each people she has been in contact, operate the way they do from an aggregation of several different factors, including the environment, available food sources, and neighboring groups. She says that traveling is truly a passion of hers, and that she counts herself fortunate to have a career that allows her to do so on a regular basis. From the monk atop mountains in China, to the rites of passage performed by a tribe's witch doctor in Africa, she has witnessed many cultures at work.

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