Heading West

A Trip to an Unknown World

       Good day to you, O' Migthy King.  Would you accept permission for a fellow crew and I to sail to the unknown lands?  I strongly believe that I would be the most suitable to travel to the unknown because I am strong and brave.  I shall also care for thy crew and if I find any great discoveries, I shall send a man to inform you immediately.  There has also been rumors that there is gold and many other precious jewels in the  new lands.  I shall also send those back to England.  I shall wait for your reply, and I do hope that you will make the right choice.

       As you can see, I will find many jewels and gold and deliver them to you, Mighty King.  You will get lots of riches and benefit majorly from this.

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3 years ago

Like the Assassin's Creed music