νοημοσύνη είναι ανώτερη

(Intelligence is superior)

Imperium's flag has a Fleur-de-Lis  in the center. The meaning of this symbol is three petals bound together. To Imperium, this symbolizes unity within our country.

White: Purity

Navy Blue: Unity and Royalty

Light Blue: Kindness and Peace

Black: Dominance and Superiority

The Constitution of Imperium


We are Imperium.


Imperium is a country in which our citizens are united and equal.

We are the superior race to individuals seen as irrelevant to our community and threaten our superiority.

We work together in everything from small home tasks to great life decisions.


In order to be considered a citizen of our country you must be born within our country’s confinements and must meet our standards at all times.

Our citizens must exceed expectations both by attitude and education at all times. Each citizen is expected to play their role in the community and respect others. All citizens work for free and are rewarded with any products from clothing stores, grocery stores, etc.


The Olympians are in charge of this country. Our government will be a dictatorship.On a monthly basis citizens will be given the privilege of suggesting what the government should improve on and what changes they would like to see. If the Olympians do not like the decision they can chose to ignore the request. If a citizen suggests anything rebellious, they will be sent to The House of Hades for questioning.


The Olympians will provide our citizens with a safe and comfortable environment. We promise to provide our citizens with the resources needed for them to live a long and prosperous life. The responsibilities of the people are to obey the rules enforced by the Olympians and live happily.


The People of imperium will not be persecuted without a reason. The most important law is that we will not harm each other. The citizens of Imperium must always be united. This unity proves that we indeed are the superior race because we can be both united and intelligent.

1. The citizens of Imperium must always exceed The Olympians' expectations.

2. All citizens must respect one another.

3. No violence of any kind is allowed.

4. Citizens have a curfew of 9:30 p.m. every day.

5. If any citizen disobeys rules set by The Olympians they will be sent to The House of Hades.

6. If a citizen is sent to The House of Hades they will be provided with a lawyer and fair trial.

7. All citizens are required to submit a monthly input of their suggestions to The Olympians.

8. If The Olympians feel offended by the suggestions submitted the citizen will be executed in public.

9. Every one must understand and come to terms with the fact that stupidity is wrong and corrupts the superior race.

10. All citizens must feel hatred towards Senatus Populusque.


Starting at age three citizens are required to go to school everyday for five days a week. We will only have public school systems that are free. Colleges and universities will be provided for everyone. People who do not want an education corrupt Imperium and will be dealt with.

Article VIII

The symbol on our flag has a Fleur-de-Lis in the center.It has three pedals bound together that symbolizes the unity within our country.


The figurehead of our country will be the Greek goddess Athena.


Athena resembles Imperium due to the fact that she is the goddess of wisdom and war. This being because Imperium is the superior race and cannot be beaten.

the Story of Athena

Athena grew up a poor and humble child. She was grateful for what she had and loved to learn. She was very intelligent for her age. Athena was a protégé and she finished high school by the time she was 12. Although, school was not the best place for her. Athena was a victim of bullying. She was teased and beaten almost every day. She was made fun of for being the most intelligent being on earth. Athena could not understand why she was looked down on. She knew being smart was better than being ignorant and unintelligent. Athena tried to make others around her understand what she thought, but nobody listened. She was lonely and wanted others to be like her so they would be able to understand her. She thought that if everyone was as smart as her and was treated equally, they would have a perfect life. She had the idea of creating her own society from scratch. There would only be intelligent citizens and there would be absolutely no bullying. Everybody would be equal and happy. Athena started out trying to find followers that fully agreed with her plan. She traveled all over the world looking for them. It took many years, but Athena finally had enough people to start a revolution. They worked day and night to plan and build the perfect city. Imperium is built on the highest mountain on Earth. She made sure that all of us will have everything we will ever need so we wouldn’t live a life like hers. We will never be poor, sad, or unheard of. Everybody will be happy and live in a perfect world. She named the city Imperium because nobody will ever  defeat us or look down upon us. We will have absolute power.

National Anthem/Song/Poem

We are the superior race,

Intelligence is key.

No citizen is provided with space.

We are the best that we can be.

United as one,

Stupidity is our one immunity.

With great responsibility comes little fun.

Respect is an important aspect in our perfect community.

Athena is our one true love,

Intelligence is our source of power,

Superiority is what places us above.

Our enemies fall to the ground and cower.

Imperium stands tall and proud,

Until the day we come crashing down.


The House of Hades

In the House of Hades, prisoners are tortured and executed. The prisoners are brought to the House of Hades the minute they do not meet The Olympians expectations or disrespect a fellow citizen.

The prisoners that do not meet our expectations have a chance to redeem themselves. We ask multiple questions and from there determine whether or not the prisoner will be dealt with or not.

The prisoners who disrespect a peer have two options. They can spend their lives paying for having the courage to disrespect a superior in prison. The other is being put out of their misery. However, The Olympians decide what will happen to the prisoners.

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