Athens was a very harsh place for woman and slaves. They had female priests called priestess. There were few women who had jobs. If you were a slave, you were usually a silver miner.  If you were educated in Athens you were training in school because they thought brawn and brain should be mixed. You would be home schooled until you were age 6 or 7. Books back then were really expensive compared to now days. The Athenian economy was very beautiful having a market in the agora. In Athens, food was traded, not bought. You would used gold from gold, silver, and bronze. The Athenian government was crazy! Only freeman could vote. If they would not have 6,000 at the assembly, they would go out and get people and put a red rope, if you had a paint mark, you would be embarrassed. The freemen were people who were men, born in Athens, and 18. Thanks for watching.