Sigmond Freud

Freud was born in the Czech Republic on May 6th 1856. He died September 23rd He went to school at the University of Vienna and got his medical degree in 1881. He then worked in a private practice after graduation and started treating people with psychological disorders. His theories greatly impacted the 20th century. Sigmond was the person who founded psychoanalytic. He always suggested to his patients that they talk freely about their problems. He came up with the method that treats mental health illnesses. I think he is very important in psychology because he influenced psychology in a positive way and created something to benefit many people and treat many health illnesses. The time period he grew up in could have influenced him because he was working with many people and talking to them freely. He went to school and got a medical degree and the medical degree could have benefited him and his career in the psychology field. He also worked with children.

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