Athlete Salaries

How much is too much?

Pre-Reading Questions

  1. How much money do you think Tiger Woods earns each year?
  2. Should athletes earn more money than doctors?
  3. Do most professional athletes "give back" to their communities?
  4. What is more important to athletes, money or fame?

Vocabulary Preview

  • salary: the amount of money earned each year
  • sponsorship: money in exchange for promoting a product or service
  • appearance fee: money celebrities earn for showing up to an event
  • celebrities: famous people
  • fame: the state of being well known
  • cannot afford: do not have enough money
  • bring home: to earn from work
  • give back: to show thankfulness by offering support to others
  • donated: gave away
  • charity: kindness; the giving of time or support to those in need
  • headline news: a story that is popular in the media

Practice these new vocabulary words here: Athlete Salaries

Athlete Salaries

     In 2009, Tiger Woods became the first billion dollar man in sports. These days, professional athletes earn money without even picking up a golf club or hockey stick. Much of their earnings are from sponsorship deals or appearance fees. Tiger Woods' personal life fell apart one year after he broke the billion dollar record. Like many celebrities, he learned the hard way that money can't buy you love. Do your favorite athletes love the fame more than the game? Some fans cannot afford to pay for tickets to their favorite sporting events. If athlete salaries were cut in half, could we all afford to buy tickets? The highest paid American baseball players bring home over 20 million dollars per year. How much does the average doctor make? Most professional athletes give back to their communities in some shape or form. In 2010, Vancouver Canuck hockey stars Daniel and Henrik Sedin donated 1.5 million dollars to a Canadian children's hospital. This donation equaled about 10% of the twins annual earnings. Why didn't this act of charity make the world headline news?

Post Reading Questions

  1. What record did Tiger Woods achieve in 2009?
  2. Besides playing sports, how do professional athletes earn money?
  3. How do athletes' salaries affect fans?
  4. What does the reading say about baseball players?
  5. Describe the charitable donation made by the Sedin twins.
  6. Why do professional athletes earn so much money?
  7. Which sport should have the highest paid athletes?
  8. What is the best way for athletes to give back to his or her community?
  9. Do you often buy products that are promoted by celebrities?

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