Atiyeh Salem

Accomplished Podiatrist in Palos Heights, Illinois

About Atiyeh Salem

With decades of medical experience, Dr. Atiyeh Salem has years of podiatric background that provides a wealth of up-to-date knowledge to a variety of foot & ankle conditions. Born and raised in the Middle East, he relocated to the United States and pursued a career in medicine. Upon completion of his education, Dr. Atiyeh Salem graduated with honors in the top 10 percent of his class with both a Doctor of Podiatric Medicine and a Doctor of Medicine. Dr. Salem would then pursue his career in podiatry and continues to practice in this field of medicine he is naturally drawn to.

Throughout his career, Dr. Atiyeh Salem has focused on both Western and Eastern medicine traditions. To make natural remedies more accessible to American audiences, Dr. Atiyeh Salem wrote and published a book entitled 'Herbal Medicine: The Alternative Medicine,' which includes 21 chapters and focuses on different herbal remedies for a full range of ailments, from the common cold to gastrointestinal and dermatological conditions. In this read, one would find endless remedies and methods of treatment to a variety of medical conditions that are an herbal, natural way to benefit and promote a healthy way of life.

Dr. Atiyeh Salem maintains a strong connection to his home. On numerous occasions, he has returned to Palestine and Middle East region to lecture on medical topics and offer specialized care and charitable work to those in desperate need. In addition, he has donated health care equipment to various clinics and hospitals in that region. Dr. Atiyeh Salem is always making health care a priority in his life, whether it be local or abroad, and his philanthropy in helping those suffering and in need of proper medical care is an admiration of his character appreciated by so many. Dr. Atiyeh Salem has an innate sense of caring, nurturing, and giving, and believes on providing good to the public in any way one can. Dr. Salem offers his extensive knowledge, experience, and helping hand in a variety of ways which always brings a sense of accomplishment to him.

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