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In concert with T-Cal Posters

The above and below are just a few samples of what are available at tcalposters on EBay. NOTE: Most of his items are pre-1970's era, so most of what you see down toward the bottom are not on his site.  Just a heads-up. T-Cal has over 8,000 photos and posters available for sale at great prices and ships pretty much anywhere.

Go to this link:  http://stores.ebay.com/tcalposters?_rdc=1

The color photos above have been hand-colored using PhotoShop CS3. I am still learning, but loving the trip.

I want to give a big thumbs up to Joe's Place in Gilmer, Texas.  He has the best burgers around and his decor is old movie photos and posters.  He is right on the square and easy to find, so if you are ever in Gilmer, Texas, stop in and visit and have a burger.  Joe has now added a television and dvd player so he can show old movies, cartoons, and other items of interest to his customers. (update-07/09/2013)

Around the corner from Joe's Place is Angelo's and he has the best pizza (as well as other food items) in all of East Texas.  Check out both places on UrbanSpoon.com.

The Cast of the BBC Show "Coupling"

Linda Blair

Ali MacGraw

Amy Acker

Amy Acker in Angel

Sharon Case from The Young and The Restless

Gillian Anderson

X-Files Hero!

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