Atlantic Publishers Group

A Multiplicity of Magazines

Numerous readers subscribe to a wide range of monthly and weekly magazines through Atlantic Publishers Group (APG), a distributor located in Niwot, Colorado. Atlantic Publishers Group offers access to hundreds of periodicals.

Illustrating the diversity of their selections, APG offers users the chance to read ABC Soaps in Depth and go behind the scenes of their favorite shows. Another title, American Snowmobiler, provides news, tips, and travel ideas.

APG also caters to other sections of the publishing market. For example, it features craft-oriented magazines such as Quiltmaker, Quick and Easy Crochet, and Love of Knitting. History buffs can appreciate Military History, Civil War Times, Military Heritage, Smithsonian Magazine, and WWII History. Vogue Magazine, Teen Vogue, Marie Claire, Harper’s Bazaar, and Elle appeal to followers of fashion trends.

Avid sports enthusiasts also have their publications: Surfing Magazine, Waterski, Sport Fishing, Motocross Action, and Horse and Ride, to name a few.

Readers should allow six to 12 weeks for new subscriptions. After that, the magazines should arrive at their regular intervals.