Snakes, A Scaly History

Snakes, a scaly history By Dekala

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It is said that most snakes have ancestors that first appeared, with the first dinosaurs. Modern snakes arose from the early lizards, about 130 million years ago. Pachyrhachis along with Titanoboa is to have said been an ancestor to snakes. Pachyrhachis hand hind legs unlike modern snakes, and could swim in water. Reptiles like the lizard are to have branched off during the Triassic period. The Titanoboa lived in the Paleocene Epoch. Went extinct due to rapid climate, and environment changes. The closest living relative is the Boa Constrictor. There are new snakes that comes in second place The Reticulated Python (30 feet), and the Anaconda (25 feet). In 2001 scientist collected, a fossil of Sanajeh indicus, wrapped around a broken egg. Two other eggs, with hatchlings still inside were found close to the eggs. This is a Cretaceous snake from Western India.

The King of All Snakes

Snakes mate sexually, by many males, gathering on one female. When the males ejaculates the female will store them in a pouch. The female then chooses the healthiest, ejaculate. To choose who will be the father, of the offspring.

Snake Fossil
Mating Ball Of Anacondas.

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