Drone Flying

Choose my Project (Entry #1

I chose Drone Flying

I chose this because it seemed really interesting to me.

I want to learn how to use a drone and Coordinates

No because i want to do something other than just flying drones all the time. Sometimes you get tired of something and change.

Intro Research (Planning) (Entry #2)

I would look at different websites to learn about how to use the drone and All about it. Then I looked at what it does and what parts was it made up of , also could look up videos about it if the research hadn't worked well.

Intro Research Part II (Entry #3)

I looked up tutorials up on how to setup and Indoor Flights. Which would tell you how to Set it up and how to fly it indoors properly.

Then i looked up on Wikipedia all about the drone 2.0 , then the controls and parts. Also how you would flip around with it and doing other tricks with Drone. I looked up the Wifi range , Test flights A map of the Drone. Then i looked at a lot of YouTube videos  about the AR drone.

Also I looked up how Parrot had came up with this drone and how they had done it.

Questions Answered (Entry #4)

I had learned how to go back and forth also how to Flip upside down.  How to turn the camera towards you while flying the Drone too.

How to Flip around or go do different tricks. Also How to go Higher or Even far away.

(Entry #5)

Researched how to pilot Smoothly

                  What you are finding out doing your project (Entry #6)

I had crashed one time but then succeeded , I still have some trouble with the opposite controls.

It is going according to my basic plan.

What special Terms (technical)
do you need to know? (Entry # 7)

You also use energy in my project because , all technological devices use energy . You have batteries or chargers to restore the energy. Gyroscope is spinny like wheel or frame that rotates on its axis freely to assume any orientation.

Accelerometer is how much something moves , how fast or the rate of change in velocity.

New questions and information
(Entry #8)

How to Go around in a very smooth circle without just stopping then turning like a square , but actually doing a circle.

Today we are going to do that.

Technical parts of your project (Entry #9)

We are going to be doing Gps. So we are going to track different locations of where the drone can fly. Also to finish up my project we need to continue flying the drone in circles smoothly, and to use the gps recorder.

(Entry # 10 ) How to use or build your project

You fly the drone with the Gps. And that's really all.

(Entry # 11)

Well you have fix the drone so we need a new Strap ....and the part that had broke off. Also someone might be doing 3d printing to fix the part that is missing , which is pretty cool that you can do that.

(Entry # 12)

We are going to be looking inside the drone. So  its going to be like all the circuits and the motherboard.

we are going to see how to the cords and the circuits maneuver everything. Also we'll be looking at the broken wing and see how you would correctly fix the wing.

Different Drones (Entry 13)

The lily Camera drone is the first Throw and shoot camera. It also follows you , it is also waterproof. Its flies without an input from a pilot on the ground. This drone can either circle you or position itself at an angle while doing things over whatever's in your path.

The six rotor is more better because it is harder to destroy.

The wings or propellors are located in a more safer spot than the Ar Drones wings. Also it brings more speed and force lifting off the ground. The  6 rotor should have more stability because all the sides are stabilized with the wings. The camera is integrated so it doesn't let objects creep into the footage. It has a new feature called Level up . It stables the Camera.

Easy of use its pretty much the easiest is the  Lily camera is basically boring and not hands on.

The six rotor is more stable and doesn't tilt at all it flies horizontally.

(Entry #14)

So we are having to position the cross  to fit on the drone ... so far its not working.

(Entry #15)

To make our drone better , we could add 6 rotors or wings to have more stability. Then since we have stability , we should also add a rotating camera , so you could see things from other angles.

Also we can add antenna  to the drone do it could have a better wifi signal. If the thing was installed into the motherboard also into the battery. That would be more efficient.

(Entry #16)

The Drone is actually going as plan. So since the drone is fixed that means we can fly it again. Its going as planned. I can move smoother around different obstacles which is pretty good. Trying to fly in the wind well with motion in the air like air conditioning and windy conditions.

Reflections (Entry #17)

I had learned many things with this drone flying. I learned how to obviously fly a drone personally. What to not do and what to do. I also got to learn how to flip do different tricks and also how to use the controls on a device.

My project was kinda how i wanted it to turn out it was not perfect , but it was good. At least ii had enjoyed my project. There was some delays in the drone flying because it broke. Later on we got to fix and did an obstacle course with it too.

I wouldn't really have a job based off of this because its not the best field of work to be in. I would not have that many interest involving drone flying and co-ordinations. I at least have some experience with this type of stuff now which is convenient.

I would picked the Audino robot thing because i had took my ipad apart to fix it and it actually worked. So i think i would be capable of making or putting together a robot. It is really interesting to look at technology and realizing how it really works.

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