How To Attract Cardinals To Your Bird Feeder

I LOVE seeing cardinals at my bird feeders.  Makes me SO happy!  But attracting cardinals to your bird feeder takes some special techniques.  Here are the tricks and tips that helped me get more cardinals to the bird feeders in my yard.

Cardinals are one of the most beautiful birds in North America and are a wonderful addition to any backyard. Not only do they have beautiful plumage, they are wonderful songbirds.

I have heard many people asking "How can I attract more Cardinals to my yard?". Since the cardinal resides in virtually all of the United States, you have a good chance of attracting them.

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Just like the best way to get ME to your house....the best way to attract the Cardinal.... Is food.

Sunflower seeds are, by far, their preferred food, although they do enjoy their fare share of bugs. I have seen them sift through piles of seed to get all the sunflower seeds out first, then move on to the white proso millet and safflower seeds.

Cardinals prefer a large stationary feeder, approximately 5-6 feet off the ground. This gives them a better base and they feel more comfortable staying for long periods of time.

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One of the biggest mistakes I see people make is expecting Cardinals to feed regularly at hanging feeders. While they will feed there, if there is a stationary feeder close by, they will frequent that one more.

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Cardinals can be very possessive, territorial and can often be seen chasing away other birds from "their food supply". Generally they give in and don't cause too much trouble and allow the rest of the birds to have a good bounty as well.

Having a good mixture of evergreen and deciduous trees nearby helps your chances of getting Cardinals to nest and frequently visit your food supply.

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Since Cardinals are not migratory birds, they forage close to their homes for food all year long. Having an available water supply on hand, especially if you are in colder regions of the US, will keep them coming in all seasons.

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By setting up an attractive habitat in your backyard for these wonderful, beautiful birds, you can have a family of Cardinals for many years to come.Article Source

Are Cardinals Ground Feeders?

Yes, the cardinal bird is primarily a ground feeder, but they will eat from a bird feeder that has a flat area.

I have learned that as long as the feeder has food that my cardinals love in it, they will eat from ANY bird feeder in my yard.

What Is the Best Squirrel-Proof Cardinal Bird Feeder?

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The Droll Yankees squirrel proof feeder called the whipper is designed to be a cardinal feeder. The curved perch is a fantastic innovation that accommodates the bird perfectly.

The Brome Care “squirrel buster squirrel proof feeder, with its detachable ring, also serves the bird, though the bird does not appear as comfortable on this feeder as he does on the whipper (make no mistake, though, the Brome Care Product is equal and even superior to the Droll Yankees product in many ways). source

A popular brand of squirrel proof feeders is called the Yankee Squirrel Feeder (see it here). It is sold through out America and enjoys a large amount of success due to its effectiveness in the bird housing community. source

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Where To Hang a Cardinal Bird Feeder?

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More Tips:

Songbird Essentials gives these tips:

"The Cardinal is really not a hard bird to please. Provide his favorite seeds and the Cardinal will often be your first bird to feed in the morning, and the last at night. In the Spring, you’ll enjoy seeing the male Cardinal offer the female a carefully selected seed as part of their “Mate Feeding Ritual”.

Cardinals are “ground” feeders; however, they will feed on flat surfaces. Thus, wood platform feeders (hopper, fly through and open platform) placed five feet or so above ground level are ideal to attract them. Note that the perches on most tube feeders are too small to allow Northern Cardinals to comfortably feed. To attract Cardinals, you must attach a tray, and we have a tray for nearly every tube feeder made!!"

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