Jerry Spagnoli- Critique

Jerry Spagnoli's piece is a black and white photograph split into three sections; the first section includes an open palmed hand reaching towards the viewer, the second section is a profile image of a man's face (his eyes are closed, and there is little expression on his face), and the third section has another open palmed hand, however this one is reaching away from the viewer. The edges of the fingers begin to fade out, and there is some blurring along the side of the man's neck. The background of each of the sections is completely black, which creates the image to be the focal point in each one.

I think Jerry Spagnoli is trying to convey that this man is struggling with a decision that he needs to make. His eyes are closed as if he is concentrating on something, and the hands are reaching in different directions like they are pulling him to change his mind. Through my research about Spagnoli, I found a quote by him that stated, "I hope that using all these methods will cause people to think harder about what I'm up to." I related this to his simple subject, and how I managed to create a whole story through his images. Another thing he said was, "Photographers tell tales". This is clearly demonstrated through my understanding of his piece.