Cuts of Beef, spanish to english translation

This weekend I had a Chilean barbecue with some Friends and I was the cook. I know a lot of different beef cuts and how cooking it, but I don't have the translation of those beef cuts, so I spent few minutes looking for the translation of this cuts. After visit different blogs, pictures and web pages, finally I have a list with the different cuts:

- Huachalomo: Neck

- Lomo Vetado: Cube Roll / Rib Eye

- Filete: Tenderloin

-Lomo Liso: Striploin / Short Loin / New York Striploin

- Punta Ganso: Outside Round / Top Round / Top of Buttom Round

- Asado Carnicero: Chuck Cover / Butchers Roast

- Tapapecho: Brisket

- Plateada: Cup of Cube Roll / Short Plate

- Palanca: Flank Steak

- Asiento: Siloin Butt / Rump

- Sobrecostilla: Chunk

- Tapabarriga: Thin Flank / Flap

- Punta Picana: Tri - Tip

- Abastero: Heel

- Entraña: Skirt Steak / Outside Skirt

- Mollejas: Sweet - Bread

- Pollo Barriga: Thick Skirt / Hanging Tender

- Costillar / Asado de Tira: Back Ribs / Short Ribs

- Malaya: Matambre / Rosemeat

- Entrecot: T-Bone Steak

- Asado Americano: Fraud Steak / Mock Tender Steak/ Chunk Steak / Shoulder Petit Tender / Fish Steak

American Beef Cuts:

British Beef Cuts:

Chilean Beef Cuts: