The Complete Feature Comparison of WinRAR and WinZip

Whether you are a techie or not, the question of which data compression software to use is often one that perplexes us all.. There is often some or the other comparison raging – WinRAR vs. WinZip. People require a detailed set of differences between both softwares to understand which one is the better application to suit their needs. To help you clear the confusion, we have come up with this article that will help you understand the difference between these two programs and help you decide whether WinRAR or WinZip will be better for your requirements.

  • The first area of comparison that you should look into is the SFX module. Both Winrar and WinZip offer archiving features. However, when it comes to the MSDOS, Comman line, and graphical user, the WinRAR has the advantage. WinZip cannot accommodate these selections. You need a different set of WinZip command line if you want the software to do so.
  • Cost happens to be an important factor to look into. The initial acquisition cost of WinZip is higher than WinRAR; however the difference is only a few dollars. But the upgrade expenses of Winrar however are higher which eventually balances out the deal. This is one area of comparison where you will not find much of a difference when you put things in perspective.
  • The cost for email support with WinZip is actually 18% of the application price that you had to pay. With Winrar, this service will actually be free. In the end, you will have to take the acquisition, upgrade and support service cost together into consideration, you will be able to arrive at your decision correctly.
  • The WinZip comparison continues to the Multilanguage support. If you check both WinZip and WinRAR, you will see that the WinZip command line is similar with WinRAR when it comes to the language versions that are available for the system. You can also go for the Unicode support if you want to check the pros and cons of the WinRAR vs. WinZip.
  • The last and most important aspect for comparison will be actual compression capabilities. Every user around the world agrees that data compression with WinRAR is way better when compared with WinZip. Winrar also offers RAR compression and solid compression – features that are nonexistent with WinZip. But then both can add and replace files, add and update files, freshen existing files, synchronize archive contents, and use High precision modification time.

In the end, WinRAR will be the software that wins over WinZip in many accounts. In fact, this application has become the preferred name for data compression with both novice users and tech experts and even software developers. The software is available in both versions for windows operating systems. Winrar 32 bit download and 64 bit download are both easily available on the internet. To download WinRAR full version online to your computer in a safe and secure manner, you just need to find the right website. Just visit to know more.

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