The Wild Wild Dogs

By: Brittney Scott
1st Hour

  1. If you like to read about dogs or mysteries about dogs than The Call of The Wild is the book for you.

Here are five reasons why The Call Of The Wild is the book for you to read.

The book has to do with a lot of mysteries. For example like whats gonna happen when they all go for that ride up in the mountains?

Want a book that always keeps you wanting to know what happens next pick up this one and that's what is gonna happen.

1. This book is about some sled dogs that go down a bumpy road in there new lives, they get beat up and they get treated well.

2. This is a crazy story about how these people take in dogs from all over and than they tech them how to become sled dogs for the mountains.

3. These people and their new dogs go on this trip up in the mountains and they fall in a patch of ice. If you want to find out if they make it out a live or not a live check out this book.

4. Some of the dogs that the people are training are or used to be fighting dogs.They pick these kind of dogs that way when they are up in the mountains and something is trying to hurt them they know how to fight them off with out getting hurt.

5. This book has some crazy things that happen to the people and the dogs that are in this book. These dogs know they can not leave anyone behind so if someone falls in ice they do anything and everything to help them out as quick as possible, and if a dog falls in the ice too the people are also doing anything and everything they can to get the dog out so it doesn't die or anything.

So if you are interested in any thing like this, this is the book for you so go out and read this book. I promise you that you will like this book. All you need to do is out buy the book sit back relax and start reading this book.

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