The Holocaust

"The state-sponsored, systematic persecution, and annihilation of European Jewry by Nazi Germany and its collaborators, between 1933- 1945."


Throughout the Holocaust, 11 million people were killed under the command of Adolf Hitler. The causes of these casualties vary from diseases to shootings and concentration camps. Though, while it seems like a very apparent occurrence, it was taken to great lengths to preserve the secret of the whole thing. Anything in written documents were kept to a minimum and almost all information regarding it traveled verbally through code words. Two other methods include reopening graves and cremating the bodies, and tidying up ghettos(as well as teaching the inhabitants how to act during inspections) in attempt to remove evidence of the murders.


Just like the conditions in the ghettos and camps, the quality of the cattle trucks used to deport the Jews were awful. Once the doors were closed and the hundreds of passengers were crammed in, little light was allowed to enter. And due to the claustrophobic surroundings, the air was hot and suffocating. To make matters worse, they were only allowed one bucket the whole time as a toilet, and had to sit around waiting for an indefinite amount of time not knowing where they were going, or what future they would experience from then on.


Groups like the Jews, mentally ill, Gypsies, gays and many more were targeted during this time period. These weren't the only ones though, Nazis also had their sights set on German youth, but for a different reason. Instead of killing and dehumanizing them, at the age of 10, they were taught all the Nazi ideals. In their minds, the "Aryan" races were superior, while Jews (and the other races mentioned above) were considered lesser and a burden to society.

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