What is it? Are you going to catch it?

Ebola is a a fatal disease that causes high fever and internal bleeding. Gets through by body fluids and by exchange of bodily fluids.

Ebola has been found in the U.S. as of 9/30/14 (Mr.Duncan). But has been found before. People say it has been around since 430 B.C. in Ancient Greece.

Mr. Duncan died 10/8/2014. He was in the hospital in Texas and they said he was getting better but when he got better he died. It was sad because his family couldn't see him because they didn't want to get it.

Does this mean you could get it?

Yes you could get it but... you would have to be around someone that has it and it must get into your body. This means if someone touches you with it you will be fine.

The best information to tell anyone that doesn't want Ebola is they don't need to drink after someone, eat, kiss, and no traveling.

People say the United States owns part of the virus, and they do as of 2007 they own a strain that was in Uganda.  

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