Apps for Mobile Learning In The K-12 Classroom

Module 9, EDU 210


Below, I will outline 5 Apps that support Mobile Learning. I have chosen apps that I believe will be beneficial for students specifically in a Kindergarten classroom. I will include pictures of each app—click on these pictures to visit the app store!

Mobile Learning Apps

Bubble and pebble story

This is a storytelling app created by Nesat Karakelle . It can be used on iPhone and iPad devices. This app was created and illustrated by children, for children. It goes through a series of illustrations and audio recordings. Young children would benefit from this app because they can learn to read from other young children. This app can be used to practice reading skills, to learn colours, and to improve listening skills.

I would use this app in my kindergarten classroom as an option for reading. Some students find reading a book boring, and I believe this app is an excellent way to engage those students. It provides a fun way to listen and to read.


This app was designed by Launchpad Toys as a way to encourage learners to show their creativity! It allows learners to show their creativity through play—by creating a recording of their stories and sharing it with others. There is also a School Edition available for teachers and classroom use.

I would use this app in my Kindergarten classroom as a Language Arts assignment. I would instruct my students to create a story and animate it using this app. This is a great alternative to writing a story, and Kindergarten students usually aren't at that level of writing, so this is a great way to allow and encourage creativity through their imagination.

bugs and buttons 2

This is a sequel to the app "Bugs and Buttons" which targeted different skills and games. "Bugs and Buttons 2" includes games that work on math skills, pre reading, and critical thinking skills. It addresses fine motor skills and engages students in a visually appealing manner through the fun characters and images.

I would use this app in my Kindergarten classroom as a supplemental activity for learning math and prereading. Some students struggle to learn math just by doing worksheets, so this would be a great alternative to learn through the interactive games. I would also encourage parents to get this app so that students can continue to practice and learn at home!

Bob Books #1 — Reading Magic

This is a fun and exciting way to teach young students reading and phonics. It teaches the sounds of letters and how to combine them to make short words. This app is great for Kindergarteners to engage in reading. While students work through each activity, the animation turns from Black&White to colours, indicating their successes. This is a great way to show the learners' progress and to encourage them to keep going!

I would use this in my Kindergarten class as a supplement to reading and writing. This is an engaging app that students can use in the classroom and at home. If a student seems to be struggling with the sounds of letters and with reading, I would encourage them to play with this app (and they probably wouldn't even know it's learning!)


Although this isn't an app for children, I believe this website is a great tool for mobile learning. This website allows for teachers (and older students) to capture a visual and audio recording of a lesson on a computer screen. The free version allows for fifteen minute long recordings. After recording, you can upload it to YouTube and make it available for your students.

I would use Screencast-O-Matic to record myself on an Interactive Whiteboard writing letters, numbers, words, etc. I think this would be beneficial for my Kindergarteners because when they are practicing their writing, they can watch this recording as they go along. I can use this in the classroom and I could also upload it to our classroom YouTube account so they can watch it wherever they are.


Each of these apps are fairly different, but I believe they would all contribute to mobile learning in an encouraging, universal, engaging manner. I believe using these apps as a supplemental learning option will benefit every learner in my Kindergarten classroom and also at their homes (or wherever they will be learning).

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