For my Mesopotamia Tacck I chose to research on their government, job specialization, and their achievements. I believe that this will prove they are advanced because they had a government which means they had to be ORGANIZED! Its the same thing for job specialization too. For the achievements they had to be smart and use the resources they had to make tools and other useful things. All of these things lie under organization.


Their government was controlled by one person. A king or emperor. Hammurabi of Babylon was the first emperor of Mesopotamia in the world. He wanted to conquer all of Mesopotamia so that he could rule. Hammurabi made some rules to everyone would follow them and everyone would know the rules and consequences. He had them engraved into stone and set into the middle of town. Yet some of them cant read, so they announced them while everyone was in a large group in the town. There were 282 rules he had made. That is a lot of rules! So since there was so many rules the stone was about 5 feet tall. Some of the rules were "An eye for an eye", or "broken bone for a broken bone". But since some people were more important than others, some rules would differ. So say if a scribe broke a slaves arm they would just have to pay some money. Hammurabi's code was the first set of written laws. The picture below shows half of Hammurabi's code written on stone.

              Job specialization!

This section is all about job specialization what everyone does. To start out job specialization is a system were everyone has a almost everyone has a job, some are slaves,scribes,farmers, and then there is only one emperor. Priest:Priest were the people who were also very important. they were important because they told everyone how to make the gods happy, they were doctors too. Everyone new who a priest was because they all shaved their heads.Farmers planted all the food and harvested it too. Scribes were the ones who knew how to write. They had to go to school for 8 years to become a scribe. People who had free time were called artist and they made sculptures, paintings ,and pottery. Merchants sold and traded everything. They traded things they had for things they needed. The Mesopotamian soldiers guarded and protected Mesopotamia. Government officials made all the laws, made plans for infrastructure, and made sure everything was in order. Now the person at the top of the pyramid is the emperor/king/Pharaoh. I hope you now understand job specialization of Mesopotamia!


Another reason to prove that they are advanced is all their achievements. Some of their achievements are the wheel,system of writing, irrigation system, farming, and art. They have to be advanced to have all of these things. They had to learn to use what they had to build things. They also developed a math system, it was based on the number 60. then they separated that into months and years. this is the same thing that we still use today. things like the wheel and system of writing are also things we still use today, if we did not have some of there achievements I probably wouldn't be writing this today.