Buffalo Bill Cody;)

By Peyton .S


Buffalo Bill is one of the most famous shooters in the United States.He was born in Iowa and raised in Canada, his fathers home state.  Buffalo Bill was a busy BUSY man as he had 4 different jobs.   

Buffalo Bill  had 4 different jobs: pony express, scout in the army, wild west show, and entertainer. Buffalo Bill  start riding the pony express at age 14.  They were looking for a skinny rider, willing to risk death daily. He was a scout in the American  civil war. Buffalo Bill and Annie Oakley started the wild west show in 1885. It was called Wild West for play of man and sharp shooter Annie Oakley champion of woman rights. In 1965 Cody raised a cattle.  He often entertained rich people so they got the feeling of the west.

August 31 is Cody day! Cody's house was turned into a historical park he was still Alive but people toured  His house .Cody would Also entertain the people with his gun show in 1996 Cody had a least a million dollars so he raised a cattle and donated some animals to the Henry Doorly  Zoo.

Buffalo Bill  got married and had 4 children. The children took after Cody and became shooters.   Buffalo Bill helped his Children shoot and hunt.  As time went on Cody  became sick and died because his lungs failed.

I  hope you visit Cody's historical park!