Photo Tools


Fotobabble allows users to choose a photo and then record your voice over the photo.  You can use your own photo or choose a photo online.  This tool is very easy to use.  Once you choose your photo, you can record your voice and then play it back.  You can share your Fotobabble using the link provided or embed the video into a website.

Fotobabble has many possible classroom uses.  Students or teachers could create a Fotobabble of themselves as a unique way to introduce themselves to their class. Students could create a Fotobabble for a historical figure in a Social Studies classroom.  In a Foreign Language classroom, students could describe a picture in the language they are studying.  Fotobabble is a simple tool to use so users of all ages and ability levels could use it.  For those students who struggle with writing their thoughts and ideas down, Fotobabble is a great alternative.

Poster My Wall

This online poster creation tool allows students to create picture collages.  Users choose a background, and customize their poster with pictures and text.  Once you've customized your poster, you can download it and save it to your computer.  It saves as a jpg, which could then be shared via email, social media, etc.

In a Social Studies classroom, students could create a campaign poster after studying presidential elections in class.  For students in a Science classroom, they could create a poster that illustrates the lifecycle of a butterfly or any other scientific process.  Students are not required to create an account to use PosterMyWall so students of all ages could use this tool.  This tool allows so much customizing that it would suit the needs of students of all abilities.  Students wanting to challenge themselves could customize and edit their poster as much as they'd like.


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