Winning with Prestige Worldwide

Here at prestige worldwide we win and we never lose. winning also counts as having fun. Right now we are winning a lot with just getting funded and ordering out products. So that we can sell them and start a small bueness withen our school so that we can lend to people in need so that they can start there own small buesness or pay for a school tuition.

I believe that we have learned problem solving because we have never really be in this type of situation. We have learned how to set up a bank account which I never would have ever Learned if it weren't doing the kieve project .

By Theo

Sensitivity and Respect For Differences

One of the global competences I have learned is Sensitivity and Respect for Differences. I have learned this through many different  instances. One of these instances are when we had to choose our product.

I thought we should buy egg splat balls, George thought we should but buy finger foam dart launchers, and Ryan thought we should buy yo-yo light up balls. It turned out we were not allowed to buy splat balls barbecue it hurts the walls. then we decided not to but foam dart shooters because of the price and they would all go missing/break and would not sell as well. We decided to buy to buy the light up yo yo balls. they save sold very well we were the first to loan. This is how I think we have learned respect for differences.

What is take to be s borrower

It is very hard to be a borrower. I think this becuase it feels like every dollar is 10 dollars. We have been working very hard and the sale we had today was very good we sold out with 15 minuets left I was very happy to show that we have been a good contribution to town school and to see that people are enjoying our product. It makes me very proud. We might buy a new product or we might keep the same product. The product we are considering buying a ball with a longer string do we can throw it farther.


Imagination is more important than knowledge. -Einstein

Do not pray for easy lives. Pray to be a stronger man. -JFK

Without passion you don't have energy without energy you have nothing. nothing great in the world has been accomplished without passion.- Donald Trump

I like thinking big if your going to be thinking anyway might as well think big- Donald Trump.

here are some quotes I found. I agree with all of these because I believe that what they are saying is that you need to expand your thinking and sometimes you need to take the hard way in life and also that you need to be passionate and like what you do when your making a company. More things you need are being willfully strong and not always take the easy way and thinking big with lots of imagination.

Value of Multiple Perspectives

We have used value of multiple perspectives in some ways such as I wanted to buy into the custom fidget spinners but George and Ryan didn't want to buy in. Though this upset me when we realized how big of a hit they were we could not get down on ourselves and mope. Another way we have used this just today was deciding if we should sell out product for 4 dollars or 3 dollars Ryan wanted to sell them for 4 dollars but George and I wanted to sell them for 3 dollars.