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Lest wish Happy Birthday to our amazing RVR residents: Srinivasarao, Mohamed, Angela, Tarek, Bhanumathi, Ana, Che’ron, Sakthivel, Mahesh, Bharani, Kyle, Narda, Hani, Kishore, Ritesh, Rajendra, Vanessa, Elizabeth, Sudha     :) :) :) :)                           ~Reflections at Valley Ranch staff

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From our Lincoln Property Company blog: "...You could spin the globe, blindly point, and hope for the best. Or, you could take our fun and simple, nine question, “where should I move? quiz."


Mosquito season in the North Texas region is here. While mosquitoes cannot be stopped, a diligent effort is made to control them. Irving residents are reminded of the “Four Ds.”

  • Dusk/Dawn – the times of day to stay indoors.
  • Dress – wear long sleeves and long pants when outdoors during these times.
  • DEET – an ingredient to look for when purchasing and using insect repellent.
  • Drain – minimize outside standing water so it does not become a mosquito breeding site.

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