Augusto Pinochet
By: James J.

1) Profile of your leader

Augusto Pinochet Ugarte (born November 25, 1915) joined the Chilean army in 1935. He rose through the ranks and was appointed Commander in Chief by President Salvador Allende in 1973. A month later, Pinochet led the military coup that overthrew Allende. After 25 years in power, he was put under arrest, but died in 2006, before he could be tried for alleged human rights violations. (

2) Audio/Visual/Artistic Element

The pictures in this video depict Pinochet as a hero and a liberator of the people of Chile. Depicting various events this video shows him stopping communism and becoming a man of the people. Augusto Pinochet is depicted as a hero in the video but is clearly not the case if you look at later history.

3) Creative Piece

Create an original piece of writing that reflects on the legacy of your leader. Some suggestions include: Poetry

Augusto Pinochet

A hero to the people of Chile

Soon turned villain like blight

Turning to acts that violate human rights

Once thought to be a philanthropist

Now remembered as a terrorist.

4) Essential Question

How did Augusto Pinochet transform from a hero of the people to a hated terrorist?