Freshmen Seminar

What is Freshmen Seminar?

Freshmen have it tough! However, freshmen seminar is a class dedicated to introducing incoming students to the ways of high school. The class is designed to make the freshman transition into high school more manageable, and meet the social and emotional challenges they may encounter during their four years.

Get Connected

The "get connected" topic informed students on their high school and gave advice on surviving freshmen year. Throughout the week, we learned more about our schools and about requirements for graduating high school.

Study Skills

Do you ever wait till the last minute to get an assignment done? You are not alone! The "study skills" section helped freshmen students understand their learning style and great ways to take notes. Nobody loves to hit the books when you can be watching TV or playing outside, but this week was about finding tips and tricks on getting motivated to earn those straight "A's".

Digital Literacy

Google and websites and copyrights galore! It's so easy to simply copy and paste information we see online into our reports and assignments, but the reality is, what you may be doing is a crime. Digital literacy taught freshmen students copyrights and copywrongs, better and easier ways to search for information, and how to protect themselves from unreliable websites.


Isn't it funny how when you were little you used to know exactly what you wanted to be when you grew up, but today you have no idea? No problem! The "careers" topic in freshmen seminar is all about finding jobs that suite your personality and working style. This week provided resources like quizzes so you can find a career that appeals to you.

Why should students take Freshmen Seminar?  What benefits does this class provide?  What did you like about Freshmen Seminar?

It's very hard to transition to a different school, make new friends, keep your grades up, and create a plan for your future all at once in your freshmen year. However, Freshmen Seminar is a class that guides new students through these issues and informs them on what life will be like in high school. This class is very helpful to freshmen who are scared, nervous, and anxious for their transition into high school because it provides helpful tips, advice, and resources in different areas that are related to the "real world". I liked Freshmen Seminar because I found out ways that I learn best, and careers that are a good fit for me. Also, it gave me lots of advice on freshmen year from both teachers and students. Overall, it was a great class to take.

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